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logoSweet and spicy colliding in a blend of perfection—that’s the Red River Relish family of relishes and condiments. These savory and versatile all-natural pantry staples are handmade in Texas, one batch at a time.

Red River Relish Original is a blend of carrots, jalapeños, onions, and a few secret ingredients. Red River Relish Original was created especially for a wedding in Red River, New Mexico, as a take-home treat for guests.

Red River Relish Chow Chow, our Southern staple, is a blend of summer squash, zucchini, onions and bell peppers that mingle in the sweet-yet-spicy way you’ve come to expect of the Red River brand.

Red River Relish Sweet and Heat melds zesty-sweet jalapeño slices with our own Red River secret spice blend.

Red River Relish Jammin’ is a collection of sweet-but-spicy jams that unite seasonal fruits with our signature combination of jalapeño peppers and secret spices. Our current offering, Jammin’ Cranberry Jalapeño, is just that—a cranberry and jalapeño jam with that kick you’ve come to expect from Red River Relish.

And our newest offering? Our Bar In A Jar is a medley of every garnish you need to make an epic Bloody Mary, done up in Red River Relish style. We also love them on a crudités platter, chopped up on sandwiches or tucked into a charcuterie board.

Red River Relish productsThe ways you can serve Red River Relishes are as varied as your own imagination. To help you get started, we’ve come up with lots of recipes and serving suggestions. For all the latest, check our Recipes or visit our Facebook page.

We have recipes!

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