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Where We’ll Be

Red River Relish is sold at fairs, craft shows, seasonal festivals, and other local events — we’d love to meet you in person, so check our calendar to find out where we’ll be.

Is your neighborhood, church, or club having a fair? Would Red River Relish be a nice addition to the fair? Send us your contact information and let’s get it on the calendar!


Red River Relish is always available in our online store and at these venues:



HELP US RECYCLE! If you're coming to a Red River Relish booth, bring us your empty Red River Relish jars and we'll credit you with 50 cents per jar on your next purchase.

We're out and about. Come see us!

Market by the Creek

Champion Forest Baptist Church - 19th annual Market. Come get a jump start on your holiday sharing, giving and serving. Red River Relish can  help you ...

Event Information

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